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Award-winning Destination Brand Developer. Named one of the world's 50 top marketing thinkers.


Name: Alan Williamson

Nickname: 'Brand'

Ancestry: Scottish-Indian-Portugese

Alias: The Marketect

Specialism: Pioneer in Marketecture

Product: Brand Blueprints/Co-Branding/Cluster Branding/Branding Workshops

Focus: Destination Brand Development
- Micro Destinations: Hotels - Restaurants - Stores
- Mezzo Destinations: Visitor Attractions - Festivals - Shopping Malls
- Macro Destinations: Countries - Regions - States - Counties - Cities - Resorts

Vision: Prosperity for every place on the planet - one destination at a time!

Mission: To embed destinations with a future-focus

The Market Story:
In 2003, Alan presented a seminar titled 'The Future of Destination Branding' at London's World Travel Market. Attended by delegates from over 60 countries on 5 continents, the seminar was oversubscribed and sadly, many had to be turned away. However, the seminar clearly demonstrated a pent-up demand for fresh branding ideas which the big branding agencies were not delivering to their clients. As a consequence, destination brand development became Alan's market focus.

The Product Story:
Most destination brands, particularly country, region and city brands are unfocused, because destination managers want a diversified, balanced economy. The problem with such an approach is you need deep pockets to reach a wide audience, and not many destinations have unlimited budgets. Also, by trying to reach everyone, destinations tend to end up reaching no one.

To get round this dilemma, a new product concept was conceived - a portfolio of brands - from country to region to city right down to street level; with each level focused on their own unique strength - a single branded proposition. So while each brand within the hierarchy has its own unique single focus, collectively, the brand portfolio has the capability of reaching a wide audience and delivering a diversified, balanced economy. A new product category was born - Marketecture: Blueprints for Brands - inspired by the construction industry and the architectural profession - generating blueprints for buildings.

"First attract with a single branded proposition, then distract with multiple products and experiences."

The Personal Story:
Saddled with a common Anglo-Scottish name, Alan decided not to change it Hollywood-style, but to use a nick-name, inspired by the ancient practice of adopting one's profession as the family name. Witness Smith, Forrester and Carpenter to name just three. Thus Alan 'Brand' Williamson was re-born with the alias - 'The Marketect'.

"Alan 'Brand' Williamson is the go-to-guy for destination branding." - Judy Waytuik, Award-winning Writer & Broadcaster, Canada

"'Brand' the Marketect is a respected source and firm favourite." - Marketing Week, UK